Thursday, 24 December 2015

Advent 24 - All doors open

Christmas Eve and door 24 on the National Trust advent calendar has been opened.On the back it explains where each photo is taken. It's been a good calendar, nice and Christmassy.

Door 24 is willow reindeer outside the NT property of Wallington in Northumberland.

As I didn't want to have to venture to the shops today I went to Tesco early yesterday morning, left home at 8.45, not much traffic on the road then going down the hill into Saxmundham there were cars queueing to get into Waitrose carpark. I turned into Tesco carpark and it was also almost jam-packed - everyone had decided to dash out early. Inside was heaving with people loading trollies as if the world was ending. I didn't need much and they had loads of staff working - all tills open - and I was in and out in half an hour so home by just after 9.30. Col was surprised to see me so soon, I was just glad to be home out of the mayhem.

Apart from the books photographed for yesterdays post, there are also some children's Christmas books packed away waiting the move, one that I hope we still have is the book of the poem which of course had to be read on Christmas eve. Just in case it's been a while since you read it - here it is

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I'm now off to cook a ham, make a vegetarian quiche, a biscuit base for a desert and wrap some bacon around the chipolatas.
I  hope Santa fills your stocking with lovely things
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