Friday, 18 December 2015

Advent 18 The pre Christmas jigsaw puzzle.

I loved jigsaw puzzles when I was a child but haven't done many recently until this time last year when I found this lovely colourful Christmas shopping puzzle in the sale down at Friston. It kept me out of mischief during the 2 weeks before Christmas and I decided to look out for another puzzle during the year but  promptly forgot. Then I spotted this one secondhand on eBay while searching for wartime magazines for a Christmas present ( didn't find the magazines ) and thought it looked a good one to do. It's coming along nicely. I don't know if my friend who likes WWII books and magazines does puzzles but I'll offer it to her when I've finished it.

This was taken a few days ago, now I'm getting to the sky/cobbles/brickwork bits - not so easy

Col had the final part of the camera investigations done yesterday, while they were doing it they did another scan too to check on something else that might be causing the blood count problems. Hopefully we will hear the results soon.

We've just noticed that I'm rapidly approaching 1 million page views - Good grief, who knew so many people would want to read about a quiet thrifty life in Suffolk.

Did you see the Greg Wallace last night (with his silly grin) and the programme about cutting food waste and costs at Christmas - how did they find that family? Totally OTT. Or are their families like that all round the country.

Thank you for comments about Christmas cards and jumble sales yesterday.

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  1. I forget how much I like doing puzzles actually. May have to look in the variety shop :) as you will see from my post today, I saw Greg and co - mind Blowing!!

  2. Sorry, meant to add - congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! I certainly enjoying reading about your quiet life :)

  3. Oooooh I haven't done a jigsaw for years. You've made me want to go and get one now. Might have a look round the charity shops after Christmas.
    I haven't seen the Greg Wallace programme yet I shall watch it on catch up later. I am sure it will make my blood boil as usual.
    Congratulations on the million-x-

  4. I watched it too , I was totally disgusted , Some people only have that much money to feed themselves for a year , Doing overtime to pay for it totally ridiculous xxx

  5. Chose not to watch it. Keeping our fingers crossed for Col and that he gets sorted out asap.

  6. I saw that prog, Sue, and I'm sure it was staged 'just for TV' so that Greg and his cohort would demonsrate to idiots how easy it is to cook a flippin' roast dinner from scratch. I was surprised they'd not saved the family more money! Bear in mind that they said they'd spent in the region of £1400 and Grey and Co had saved them £800. That still leaves £600 for food and drink for a couple of days! total madness. OK, for Russian oligarchs this would be chicken feed (no pun intended) but for ordinary people it's still a lot of money.
    I also disliked the way that Greg intimated that people liked to "indulge" at Christmas. Well, as many indulge through the year, perhaps a bit of frugality would've go amiss! There is only just so much food you can stuff your face with, and so much will simply be binned the day after Boxing Day. Seeing so much food and drink made me feel sick. I love a nice roast dinner and we will have one here, but I've not yet bought the food and will do this just before Christmas and I won't be sucked into buying things we neither need nor really want just because it's Christmas. The point, even for a non-religious person like myself, is to be with family and/or friends, to share a meal with them. Having a roast, a Christmas cake and some fruit, chocs and nuts and a glass of wine is all any of us really need, surely. But I do think this was another put-up-job in order to make a programme. Just going to a super market at Chirstmas without a list and throwing anything and everything into a trolley is just madness. But yes, I expect there are people like that. Small wonder they run themselves into debt.
    Margaret P

  7. Hope all is ok for Col.
    Your blog is brilliant.
    I stareted to watch Eat well for less but I got so annoyed with it I switched over.

  8. Yep I watched the programme, shocked at the huge amount the family spent before, I guess the savings after were quite good considering they hosted the large party but it still seemed like a lot of money just for food and alcohol. What it highlighted more than anything to me though is that lots of people just don't know how easy it is to cook from scratch, and once you get stuck in how enjoyable it is to actually cook instead of simply heating up trays of expensively prepared bought in food!! It was entertaining to watch though :-)

    Glad Col has got the last of these tests in before Christmas, now you just have to wait for the results (we are all waiting too ... good luck).

  9. Fingers crossed for Col!
    I really enjoy your blog and obviously lots of others do too, A million views is brilliant!

  10. I didn;t see the programme Sue but yes, there are daft families out there. They are everywhere at Christmas andthat is evident in the rubbish bins after the season, when so much is thrown away and wasted.

    Hope all Col's problems are sorted soon.

  11. Congrats on the 1m views!

    I didnt see the programme as the Mr would have told me to turn it off. I dont watch it as I cant abide that Greg bloke at all. On the cooking programme there is something about the way he eats the food off of the fork or spoon and he hits his nose with the handle. it turns my stomach. John Torrodes is a plonker as well. He apparently hates the country. I wonder where all the food comes from that is cooked in his restaurant? His roof terrace. pillocks. lol I love to hate them.

    Good luck for Col's results lets hope they are quick coming back to you with the results and it is a simple pill to take.

  12. Did not see the prog. with GW in, I should watch it on the Iplayer. Or maybe not. I always feel really bad about how much our weekly shop is. I really do try to get the overall cost down, honest guv. Well. Sort of. I can't help but sneak in little treats! ha ha ha!

    Ooh. You have reminded me. There is a jigsaw for Violet and Bill to do. Called Breaking Up for Christmas.
    we had to buy it twice. The first time, Bill and Violet got ready to start putting it together, then he managed to knock his beer over and ruin it completely. He bought it again, it was left for a year, and now, finally, I think this year is the year they will actually get to do it! ha ha.

    Hope you get some resolve to Col's problems soon. Sending lots of good wishes your way.

  13. p.s a million?! That's amazing, very well done! x

  14. I love a jigsaw, as you probably know. Looking forward to unwrapping the one Mark has chosen me for Christmas.

    I didn't see the programme last night but I've watched Greg Wallace Eat Well For Less and been disappointed. If you're spending £200+ on food every week for 2 adults and 2 children it's not going to be that hard to save £40 is it.

    I bet you'll be both be glad when all the test result are in won't you. Are you likely to hear anything before Christmas?

    One Million views. That's quite an achievement. xxx

  15. I just gave all my jig-saw puzzles (24 waddingtons 1970's artwork series of famous paintings) to a lovely elderly lady who lives in the same complex as my dad. She does them then gives them to a charity shop, when I visit my dad I see a different one done.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  16. We have a basic roast dinner, and we eat normally, no extras, our treat is to have lunch on trays on our laps watching an enjoyable film
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  17. As a child I used to love doing jigsaws with my Grandpa, but don't get the chance so much now. Need to persuade my own children to tackle the big ones I think! Thanks for the tip off about the festive version of the Eat Well For Less programme. I usually end up shouting at the screen, but often learn something too. Fingers crossed for Col's tests.

  18. Youngest grandchild and I have been working on a jigsaw this week (part of our parallel universe eh?)
    I find them very theraputic
    yes I saw the programme. I don't know why I put myself through it. it's a good job I have naturally low blood pressure!

  19. In Canada we don't get any of the programs you are talking about but I have looked in some of the shopping carts going through the checkout at the supermarket to see people are going way overboard. Sometimes I think they must be feeding the 5,000! Glad to hear that Col had his tests done and that you don't have to wait too long for the results. Congrats on the million!

  20. You mean not everyone spends that much on champagne?!!
    I love jigsaws. I was really annoyed a few weeks ago as I spotted a lovely Christmas jigsaw in a charity shop window on my way to the dentist and by the time I got out after my filling I forgot to go back and get it!
    Lisa x

  21. I love jigsaws. Coming back to the UK after so many years I cant believe how people waste so much especially food. Its one of the things I find quite depressing how many people have so much but still want more. When I tell people I dont own a microwave I get funny looks. Cut up my half squeezed lenons yesterday and pur in the freezer ready to add to drinks and water. Hate waste.