Friday, 18 December 2015

Advent 18 The pre Christmas jigsaw puzzle.

I loved jigsaw puzzles when I was a child but haven't done many recently until this time last year when I found this lovely colourful Christmas shopping puzzle in the sale down at Friston. It kept me out of mischief during the 2 weeks before Christmas and I decided to look out for another puzzle during the year but  promptly forgot. Then I spotted this one secondhand on eBay while searching for wartime magazines for a Christmas present ( didn't find the magazines ) and thought it looked a good one to do. It's coming along nicely. I don't know if my friend who likes WWII books and magazines does puzzles but I'll offer it to her when I've finished it.

This was taken a few days ago, now I'm getting to the sky/cobbles/brickwork bits - not so easy

Col had the final part of the camera investigations done yesterday, while they were doing it they did another scan too to check on something else that might be causing the blood count problems. Hopefully we will hear the results soon.

We've just noticed that I'm rapidly approaching 1 million page views - Good grief, who knew so many people would want to read about a quiet thrifty life in Suffolk.

Did you see the Greg Wallace last night (with his silly grin) and the programme about cutting food waste and costs at Christmas - how did they find that family? Totally OTT. Or are their families like that all round the country.

Thank you for comments about Christmas cards and jumble sales yesterday.

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