Sunday, 13 December 2015

Advent 13 Red House Christmas Barn

A few years ago one of the local farms planted 100s of Christmas trees and  opened up a barn for Christmas with decorations for sale. We hadn't been round for a couple of years so we popped down to look with our son and daughter in law to be. It's expanded a bit and was heaving with people looking round. Some lovely things but what a price. I came away empty handed.
This farm is also a duck fattening farm the rest of the year, with huge sheds, noise and lights we can see through the hedge at the top of our field, even though it's half a mile away.

We had a good time yesterday with our Christmas gathering of all 3 children and partners. The table cloth remained clean so I didn't need to strangle anyone! Our eldest and her husband are off back to Surrey later and then away in Devon for Christmas leaving us with the news that, God willing, I will be Nana Sue from June next year! Yippee do!

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