Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Advent 22 Honey roasted spiced nuts for the hampers

We have another very windy day today but very mild again, I had a search for snowdrops but none here yet  but we have got some primroses out already.

Thank you for all the comments yesterday about Strictly and Greenery.

By posting about what I've been making to put in the hampers for our 2 sisters and brothers-in-law I've totally spoiled the surprise for my sister who does read this, (sorry L! and hope your cold has gone) Col's sister reads only rarely so she's probably not seen any of the contents.

Here's one more thing I made - Honey roasted spiced nuts 
These are exceedingly more-ish and it was a wonder any of them got into the bags for the hampers.
To make them I just put some runny honey in a bowl and added a little cumin,coriander,paprika and chili powder. Stirred in the nuts and spread them on baking parchment on a baking sheet. They had 10 minutes in a fairly hot oven,stirred them round and then another 10 minutes(though 5 minutes would have been better!)

I've enjoyed making things to fill the two baskets and thought I would do the same next year but of course we won't have the garden and all the wonderful fruit  BUT looking on the bright side I will have access to cheap stuff off Ipswich market and from Aldi and Asda.

Our estate agent rang our buyers to see if they knew about a moving date yet and it seems it will be mid March as they have to wait for access for some of the money they need. The weather men keep saying we are more likely to get snow at Easter than Christmas and Easter will be the weekend after moving so I rather hope they are not right.

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