Friday, 4 July 2014

What a beautiful day

The sun has shone here all day from 4am onwards, we've had a breeze to keep things comfortable, so a perfect day, and apologies for gloating about the hottest day of the year so far when most of the country has been wet- sorry!

C was working at our neighbours this morning and I got started on weeding the newish flower border at the front and side of the house. The ground is like concrete out there. It took me a couple of hours to go all along the front of the border and then all along the back - with a break in between for breakfast of course.

I couldn't decide what to have for dinner tonight.
We've had too much pastry this week in the form of sausage rolls and bacon and egg pie although it was a good way of stretching half a pound of sausage meat and half a pound of bacon for 2 dinners and  4 days lunches. Then I remembered the 1 potion of spaggi-bol sauce that I've been moving about in the freezer for a few weeks. That's C sorted and then I could have something he doesn't like - home made pesto - with my spaghetti.
Basil from the poly-tunnel, parsley from outside, no nuts except a bag of mixed which had already had the walnuts taken out of it, so I used the almonds from the mix instead, no Parmesan, so a bit of cheddar, no garlic so  a little garlic salt and a little olive oil. Whizzed to a lovely green gooeyness and stirred into the hot spaghetti - very YUM.

The usual campsite and egg jobs were done and then I settled down for an afternoon of Mens semi final tennis. As expected both youngsters were knocked out. A good final to look forward to on Sunday.

Would you like a look at how the tomatoes in the poly tunnels are ripening?
These are Shirley, the best  normal shaped tomatoes for growing in a poly-tunnel

Agro, these should be bigger according to the seed catalogue. They are are plum tomato

Andine Cornue, can be as big as a pepper, difficult to germinate, a pain to grow, not many on each plant, but they taste wonderful. Almost no seeds, very thin skinned, worth the hassle.

Britain's Breakfast, A lemon shaped tomato, first time we've tried these.Look at all these flowers on the trusses, unfortunately they are not setting at all well.

Favorita, a good sized cherry tomato, early to ripen. We've not grown these before but will grow them again.They are the ones we've been eating for the last week or two.
San Marzano Plum tomatoes, the best for chutney making
And finally, I'll leave you with another picture puzzle. What's This?
Here's a clue:- I don't know why we've still got this as we can no longer afford the thing that it's meant to be eaten with!

The weather is looking changeable for the next few days with showers after heavier rain tomorrow morning so no chance of getting the paving stones down in front to the shed and probably no car boot sale Sunday morning.

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