Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Review of the month - Looking back at June

Here is my regular look back at the ups and downs of life on a quiet Suffolk smallholding.
  1. We have earned enough for what we need in July.
  2. Some money from campsite and gate sales have been saved into ISAs
  3. Some money has been saved for winter
  4. Campsite was busier than we thought it was going to be
  5. Gooseberry sales produced income of £330 and some put in freezer and the recent rain means the small ones left are now ready for picking.
  6. First pickings of French climbing beans, tomatoes, raspberries,courgettes,broad beans
  7. Offer of 24 Strawberry plants  for £4.95 postage from Home Farmer magazine
  8. Kitchen Garden Magazine with 6 packets of 'free' seeds
  9. Chickens laying well
  10.  Lots of good library books read
  11. New garden/potting shed finished(more or less) and everything moved in.
  12. Planted out Verbena plants grown from a gifted packet of seeds.
  13. Lots of lovely tennis to watch on TV
  14. Bulk buy of muesli, baking powder and peanut butter from Real Foods saving over £20 on shop prices.
  15. A few items of smallholding equipment bought from yard sale
  16. Some bargain finds at car boot sales
  17. Friends around to visit for the day.
  18. 5 Builders bags of wood split and seasoning for winter 2015/16
Not so good
  1. Some of the potatoes out on the field are looking like they have blight
  2. We destroyed 3 tomato plants with blight, some others look sad.
  3. Paneer cheese doesn't work with powdered milk!
  4. Group of caravans who were coming for  a 70th birthday party in July cancelled the booking.
  5. We could do with a better weather forecast for haymaking.
I can't think of anything else.

Many thanks for lots of comments yesterday about managing finances. It's interesting that lots of people use online banking. We are avoiding it at the moment but I think banks would like to do away with branches if they could. Not sure what we would do with all the small change that comes in from gate sales. I can't imagine many places would welcome bags of 20p or 50p coins to pay for something. In fact I think they could refuse to accept it.

Welcome to new followers - Lisa in the Google pictures and Jo, Amy, Jane Natalie and Lizzy on Bloglovin'. I hope you enjoy reading about our quiet Suffolk life.

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