Monday, 28 July 2014


I've just discovered a comment that was left by Lizzie on this post  asking why we don't have a pension. It's because we are not old enough yet! C will get one from the County Council eventually and we will both get the state pension although mine will be very basic. I think I  missed out on getting the state pension at age 60 because I was born 16 days too late! They keep moving the goalposts and I think I will get about £100 a week at age 66, it's a good thing I'm not relying on it. We know that we  won't be able to live here on our smallholding once we are unable to manage the upkeep, so that will be the time to drastically downsize and then we will have some money to live on.
The County council gave lots of people the option of early retirement a few years back but C was  3 years too young so when he stopped working  we lost his income - hence the self employment using the smallholding and doing odd jobs.

We have different weather here today, some rain, although not enough to do any good and several degrees cooler than last week.
C was out this morning as he got a call to move the irrigation equipment on the onion fields down the road in Friston. He got home with just time for a coffee before going to get oil filters from the car parts place ready for preparing the jeep for it's MOT. and then onto a doctors appointment and errands to do in Leiston.
I got on with bread baking, ironing, housework and probably the very last picking of the summer raspberries.
This afternoon stayed damp and very grey after all the sunshine recently.

We are having a quiet few days on the campsite, which means the loos and shower don't need so much cleaning. Things pick up once we get into August and then we are full up for the following weekend probably because of Aldeburgh carnival. After that we go very quiet again which is unusual. A lot of retired people seem to avoid holidaying during the school summer break but not everywhere is busy.

I've brought in some jam jars for cleaning this afternoon ready for making apricot chutney tomorrow. I'm going to use a recipe that's normally for Mangoes but I think apricots will work well and make a nice fruity chutney to go with curry.

There's an interesting sounding programme on tonight at 8pm on Channel 4. It's looking at the secrets of Aldi and Lidl's success  and how the Big 4 supermarkets are fighting back.
We have heard rumours of an Aldi or Lidl coming to Leiston but I think it's unlikely as the catchment area probably isn't big enough - one of the problems of living on the coast. They would be popular with me if they did as we can't do the 50 mile round trip to Ipswich very often.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday.
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