Saturday, 12 July 2014

Alarm calls

For a very small bird the Wren is incredibly LOUD ( info here for readers from elsewhere). We have a pair feeding 4 young in a nest in the old shed by the back door. We also have more with a nest somewhere else in the garden, and at least one more pair somewhere near the chicken shed at the top of the field. They get very agitated at everything and even at nothing, so at the moment we are being deafened by alarm calls " TECK, TECK, TECK, they shout continuously. Our cat spends her time outside trying to find a way into the shed, where we have wedged the door open with just room for the wrens to get in and out but even when she's not outside the wrens are still annoyed at something. It's interesting to hear them to start with but after 3 days  with hardly a break in their shouting I shall be quite glad when their young have fledged and flown.

I've been very lucky and another giveaway arrived in the post today. This was a very old book dating from 1908, called The School of Health. It's fascinating and surprising, as even then, the Author Alfred B Olsen MD, was advising that people give up smoking as it was bad for their health. Thank you to KATE. I shall enjoy reading it.
I'm feeling slightly guilty as I think that's the 3rd giveaway I've won in just over a year of Blogging. I think I shall have to do a giveaway when I get to a significant  blogging point like my 500th post which should be in about 40 something days.

Also in the post was the summer issue of Craft Creations Magazine and Yippee Do! I have a card featured in the Readers Gallery, I hope they are still giving away a £10 voucher for featured cards, then I shall have fun choosing some more card supplies from their catalogue.

After  so many gloomy days we had sunshine At Last this afternoon so I hopped on my bike and went down to the village for the  Bowls Club Fete. Unfortunately there were only 2 stalls, a raffle and the tea stall, so I came home again!

Many thanks to Gill at Frugal in Derbyshire who explained how I should cook the trout.  There was more info in Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls - A cook on the wild side, which I think was the book that went with the first TV series he ever appeared in. It turned out to be quite tasty..... I mean the Trout, not Hugh FW!

Back tomorrow


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