Saturday, 19 July 2014

Just a quiet Saturday

No one arriving on the campsite today and not much else happening either.

There were thunderstorms around in the early hours of the morning and we had quite a lot of rain but it was fine again by 7am and still dry now at 4 o'clock although very humid.

C has been doing all sorts of odd jobs around about and I hauled out the rest of the things still in the greenhouse and old shed. No sign of wrens in there anymore so we can start taking it down. I've also sorted through the various pots of odds and ends that were standing along the back of the house and decided what can go where. The sweet chestnut, oak and Ash saplings will go on the edge of the caravan part of the campsite. We pushed a lot of willow slips in earlier in the year and most have taken so the saplings can fill the gaps. Soon this half of the site will be as sheltered as the tent part.

We've also brought all the car boot sale stuff downstairs so that we can do a sale as soon as the weather forecast is good enough. The small spare room looks a bit bare as some of the things have been standing there since we brought them back from the car boot sale last May.

And now I must catch up on some reading as 4 of the books brought home from the library van in June are wanted by other people so I need to get them read quickly.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday and welcome to Sara reading via Bloglovin'.
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