Thursday, 10 July 2014

It's not about the money

A couple of years ago a small campsite like ours opened in Leiston. Then early last spring when all the men were working at Sizewell Power Station they took in more than their allowance of 5 caravans and let them stay for more than their allowed 3 weeks. This upset a neighbour, who had been against their campsite opening right from the start. Which is when some of the men came to stay here on our site. We found it a handy income but a bit of a hassle as the men didn't know when they were moving to work at another power station and often went off for the weekend without telling us, leaving their caravans on site - also something that is not really allowed.
The campsite in Leiston decided they could make more money if they changed to a Listed site which allows more caravans and they don't have to be members of the Camping and Caravanning Club either.  A few months ago we had phone calls from Sizewell workers wanting to stay here, but after last year we decided we wouldn't allow any more to come and suggested the site in Leiston which is where they went. But they are not allowed to stay there for more than 60 days, so last night we had a phone call from the campsite owner asking if we could take in a couple of caravans for a while.
They couldn't understand when we said No. Especially as they are charging the men more than we charge here and we could have charged them the same higher amount. We decided we are busy enough with proper holiday visitors and we didn't need all that fiddling about with men coming and going and not knowing what they are doing.

We lost a family group booking for a 70th Birthday this weekend because when the number of people wanting to come increased, I refused to let more than 5 caravans onto the site. The man told me I was turning down more than £350. They cancelled their booking and went elsewhere to a site willing to take a bigger group. I was left with just one caravan booked in. As it happens we had phone calls during the week and will have 5 caravans/motorhomes here anyway.

Some one we know who we thought was a friend told me last year that the only reason I was friendly towards the campsite visitors was because they were paying me!

Some people don't seem to understand that everything is not about money.

Thank you everyone for comments yesterday

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