Friday, 25 July 2014

And another one bites the dust + Haymaking Day 5

I was reading a new blog called Pennywise and now it's gone, that's about the 6th that has started and stopped in just the last few months - how odd.
Thank you to Chickpea, Sue, Frugally challenged, Hilary, Julee, Mamasmercantile, Em, Jean, Rupert, Janice, Karen, A Suffolk girl and Shirley for comments yesterday.

Meanwhile here on the Simple Suffolk Smallholding we are  onto day 5 of haymaking. C went and fetched the small baler from our farmer friend W, although it actually belongs to another farmer. It's so handy having friendly people around who share machinery, in exchange we own a pasture topper which spends most of it's time down the road at the farmers being used by a few different people.
He turned our hay here and then went off to turn and row up the Saxmundham field and the field behind the second home.We saw the man who is doing the big bales for us as he went by on his way to Saxmundham.
Later C turned and rowed up the small bit over the road and got that baled. We soon loaded the bales onto the trailer and brought them back to the hay shed, that's 52 bales safely stored, by which time it was nearly 6pm.
We wondered about baling here but C looked at the weather forecast which said tomorrow will be even hotter than today so he decided to wait another day. At 7pm a bit of sea mist  rolled in, and then it started raining, b****r and double b****r!! As long as it doesn't get any heavier or last too long, hopefully it will soon dry out tomorrow.

It was an odd-job day for me as I cut some brambles that grow through one of the low spreading conifers, picked up some fallen apricots, cut off the bruised/wasp eaten bits and cooked them for  a crumble. I then discovered we had no crumble mix in the freezer so I whipped up a box full. There were some large pointy red peppers that had got damaged so they were sliced and frozen and finally I took the skins off and put the first of the huge Andine tomatoes in the freezer too. I must do a big freezer sort out this weekend, I know what's in there but it's in a right ol' muddle.

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