Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Everything in the garden isn't rosy

Here  are this years failures
The cooking apples are scabby
Most of the onions have a nasty rotting disease

We planted these tomatoes in between beetroot which had been sown very early in the season. The beetroot were OK but the tomatoes are weedy, probably the opposite to companion planting
Some of the climbing french beans in the poly-tunnel have got something nasty
One of the cucumber plants has keeled over
Every year there's always something that goes wrong. It's a good thing we are not easily put off growing our own.

There were lots of comments after yesterdays post
Thank you to Chickpea - I've never used proper preserving sugar so I'm not sure how much pectin it has in it, perhaps someone else will know.
Elise asked if peaches added instead of pectin would work, but I'm not sure about that question either.
Also jamcake, knitbakecultivate, Dawn, Kev, Vicki , Pennywise, Pam, Bovey Belle, Outmywindow, Gill and  Amy and a special thank you to Shirley who says she loves reading my blog.

Not quite such a busy day here today, for a start is was about 10 degrees hotter than anything we've had here recently, so we squeezed in a half hour of enjoying the warmth.
C was cutting grass at our neighbours this morning and here this afternoon and I went to Leiston to use a £3 off £20 voucher for some meat. I saved 50p by noticing that they had some double length sausages on special offer. I've no idea why they sell these, you get the same weight as the 8 in a pack but 4 long ones instead. They are produced locally which is why I like them. I also got a pack of their ham off cuts and 2 decent sized chickens for £10. Chickens and sausages in the freezer, ham in the fridge. That's the first meat I've bought for a month.
I resisted the temptation of buying a copy of Grow Your Own Magazine which had a free book with it. The book was Easy Jams, Chutneys and Preserves by John and Val Harrison, which I don't have a copy of. However I do have about half a dozen other preserving books and in my recipe folder I have all the recipes I use regularly so I'm sure I can manage without one more book.

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