Friday, 11 July 2014

Library books again

The weather here is still awful...... grey and misty. Thankfully the temperatures have gone up a few degrees and after some really heavy rain last night the wind has dropped. The forecast for next week doesn't look much better, still no chance of haymaking yet and Sundays forecast of showers in the morning will probably mean we won't get to the car-boot sale either. We could also do with a few days of decent weather to get some weeding done, the leeks are embarrassingly full of weeds and the strawberry bed which C sorted out only three weeks ago needs doing again.

Somehow 4 weeks have whizzed by and it was time for me to bike down to the village to collect my books from the library van. Most are ones I've ordered but while the library lady was sorting them out I had a quick look at the shelves and found another 3 books and I  had 11 at home from last month- still unread. This means I have a grand total of 21 books here - whoops I'm  only supposed to have 20. Goodness knows where I will find time to read them before the van is around again in August.

Before the library van came I had time to make some Marrow and Ginger Jam.....just 3 jars this time, I might do some more later in the year but only if we don't have enough of all the other sorts I make.

Tonight we were given a trout, caught by one of the campers staying on our site at a fishery place a few miles away. Now I know how to skin and gut a rabbit, I've prepared several turkeys and dozens of chickens for the oven, plus lots of pheasants, partridges and even woodcock, but I had never before gutted a fish because we've never been people who went fishing  from land or sea, no patience for all that sitting about! So I turned to the bookshelves and very oddly couldn't find any pictures to show me what to do. You Tube to the rescue. Now I need to find out how to cook it.

So many comments yesterday, thank you to everyone.
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