Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A mouse a day!

Every day for the last week we've been sitting in the living room and noticed a mouse dashing about. Every day we've managed to catch and 'dispatch' it. Every day I've moaned as Polly brings in another one and loses it under the settee, there's one around somewhere again now. I hope we can catch it before too long... ' Dear ' little cat!

 Thank you to every one for comments about pensions yesterday it seems the consensus is that it's unlikely there will be  pensions available for anyone under 40ish. Start saving now is my advice!

The Commonwealth games have been on for almost a week and |I've not mentioned them at all, although we've watched several different things. The people who do the Triathlon are amazing and this afternoon I saw some of the mens mountain biking - ouch - those rocks they ride over must do some damage!

C is back to shifting the irrigation equipment twice a day, I'm not sure how long this will last for, it depends on the weather I guess, he also cut the grass at our neighbours and got the 24 chickens who live in the small trailer shed moved up the field. We had them on a part of the field that's not big enough to get into for haymaking, but now they can go back onto the edge of the field amongst the trees. His next job will be to sort out the electric fence ready to move the other group.

I got the apricot chutney made although I'm not sure about it as it took an age to thicken up. I'll try it with a curry next time we have one. Tonight's dinner is our once a year meal.......Aubergine, pasta and cheese bake. It's once a year because it's a bit oily and Aubergines are only used here if we've grown them. Our 8 Aubergine plants in the poly tunnel grew really tall, looked very healthy, had lots of flowers BUT only a few of the flowers set. So far there have been just 5 ready. 4 smaller ones sold but one sneaked up and became huge, without me noticing it - that's the one we are eating of course because it's too big and pale to sell.

Nothing else of note to write about today
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