Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Year in Books Link June/July

Linking in with A Circle of Pine Trees, where lots of bloggers are sharing ideas and reviews all through 2014.
These are the books I brought home from the library van in mid June and most have not even been opened yet. What with gooseberry picking and tennis watching, reading has been just a half hour now and again. The books I have read have been mainly crime fiction.
Books 2 and 3 in The Lewis Trilogy by Peter May. These are modern crime, well written with history of the Islands mixed in.

Lesley Cookman - Murder in another place. These are very light modern crime.They go along at quite a pace as all the narrative tends to be people talking to each other - very little description included. To make sense  of who's who they really need to be read in order of publication.

Martin Walker - Dark Vineyard ( left over from Mays library books) again modern crime this time set in a quiet town in rural France. Very interesting to read and find out how things work just across the channel. Dark Vineyard is the second in the series featuring Bruno Courreges, the 3rd - Black Diamond is in the picture above to be read soon.

I tried the Barbara Kingsolver - Flight Behaviour but couldn't really get into it.

Also read was The Woodsman by Ben Law. This tells the story of how he came to build his timber frame house that was featured on the TV programme Grand Designs. There is more information about Prickley Wood and the villages and land surrounding his home. The last chapter suddenly goes off into his idea of the perfect future when by 2020 there is no oil, people move onto little plots in the countryside where self sufficient villages supply all their needs. Horsepower returns and  electric  cars are only allowed for doctors and security staff. Unless electric can be generated locally there is only power from the few remaining Nuclear Power Stations for a few hours each week.  Sounds idyllic but unlikely!

I have added the James Wong book - Homegrown Revolution to my Amazon Wish list. The paperback is out later in the year and then hopefully secondhand prices will drop. It's full of ideas for edible plants from across the world that should grow in this country. Perhaps we should start growing them now in case  climate change speeds up or we really do run out of oil by 2020!

I've just started the first crime book by Robert Galbraith aka J.K Rowling. Seems good so far.
 During the rest of July I shall be reading other books from the picture and the Library van is round again on Friday of next week with some more I've ordered. I just need more reading hours in the day.

While typing this I'm watching Andy Murray struggling against Grigor Dimitrov in the Wimbledon Quarter Finals. Looks a bit worrying.

Tomorrow I really must update you - all waiting with baited breath! - on what's been happening here over the last few days.

Welcome to Rusty who is Google follower 180, at this rate I shall be at the 200 mark by years end - amazing.  Lorraine is a new follower on Bloglovin' - welcome to you too.

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