Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Being a tourist in Suffolk

We heard about an exhibition
It was being held here in Mid Suffolk so we thought we would have a few hours out to go and have a look. As usual we went via two other places, first to drop the water colour ( bought from a car boot sale a few weeks ago) in to our friend P for framing and secondly to pick up another big lot of new egg boxes -1800 - should last us a while!
The exhibition was a bit of a let down, a few Laura Ashley dresses, some 70s crockery, a few seed packets, some posters and photos of various fairs held in Suffolk back in the late 70s. Rougham Tree fair was the one we went to - very hippy! The  John Seymour Complete book of Self Sufficiency book had been turned into a large display and a few bits about other people who had moved from London to Suffolk. We could have done better ourselves! We had a look around the rest of the museum as we'd not been there for about 18 years but not a lot had changed. 
We  bumped into one of the volunteers there who we knew from our time living in Mid Suffolk and caught up on news of his sons who were at primary school with our eldest two children, which was interesting.
Lunch was a pack-up taken with us, of course!
I had a quick dash round a few charity shops in Stowmarket while C had a snooze in the jeep and then we came home again.
The jobs to be done were waiting for us- egg collecting and boxing up and cleaning the campsite facilities, and welcoming a motor home that had arrived while we were out .
Back to normal.

Back Tomorrow


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