Thursday, 17 July 2014

Rescue operation

Coming out of the back door I noticed something poking out of the spout of the watering can which was standing by the old shed door.
A very small baby wren had got itself wedged in the spout, I suppose it had fallen in the watering can and was trying to get out.
How to get it out?
I nudged it back down and then did what I always do with a blockage - Blew down the spout.
Teeny weeny wren went bump on the bottom of the can and I scooped it out gently and popped it back in the shed for it's parents to find it. There were 4 young in the nest but once they got too big they moved out and have been in the shed hopping about for the last couple of days. There may only be one left.

A lovely day here today, nice breeze keeping the heat down a few degrees and blue sky all round. C was working for his Leiston customer this morning while I had a big cleaning session - I really know how to have a fun morning in the heat!

Lots of comments yesterday about this years garden failures. It is a rare year when everything does well but on the other hand it's unusual to have complete disaster throughout the whole garden so we just carry on and it helps to grow lots of different things.  We won't starve!

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