Wednesday, 30 July 2014

More free winter warmth

The lorry from the skip-hire place turned up with another load of scrap wood, we weren't expecting anymore and didn't really need anymore, but when you heat your house with wood you NEVER turn free wood away.
C was in the middle of sorting out the baler so it was me who had to shift it into the shed out of the way.

No worries about being cold this winter!

With the help of a hoe to pull the branches down, we've picked off the rest of the apricots and put them in the freezer. I gave up on trying to squash everything into one deep freeze and have put the second one on. There will be pears and plums to go in a month or two and I want to go to the cheap butchery place for some chicken wings and thigh joints ASAP.

This afternoon it was more irrigation equipment moving for C and he's taken the baler back because we are not doing the barley straw for a few weeks and we've not got room under cover for it here.

I've just realised that Friday is the 1st August, where on earth has July gone?

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