Sunday, 6 July 2014

NOT the driest part of the Country

We've probably been the wettest part of the country today, the cloud has sat over the edge of the coast and rained on us for hours, sometimes drizzle, sometimes light showers and also sometimes chucking it down. It didn't clear away until after 3 o'clock.
But plenty to do indoors - like watching sport on TV!, where the sun was shining. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't like any sport at all with Le Tour de France in Yorkshire, Wimbledon Mens tennis final and Formula 1 from Silverstone. We had a look at all of them, proper armchair sportiness!

Before all the sport started I got the material, bought last week at the car boot sale, made into a cover for my food mixer, I used double thickness as it's quite a thin cotton. There is enough left to make another cover and some pot-holders or pot-stands. I've got some heat-proof wadding so that's a job for another day.
I think it should have been a bit bigger and it's a pity about the "ears", but it will do the job.( I'm an impatient and not very good sewer. Takes me 10 minutes to remember how to thread the machine!)

 With it being so wet today and no sun to heat the water by the solar thingy we had to light the Rayburn, but it only takes some rubbish, a few of the off cuts from shed building and a couple of logs to warm enough for showers and washing up. I wondered if  C would do some wood cutting in the wood shed while it was wet but we have Swallows nesting in there so it would get them into a real tizzy. A wren nesting in my old garden shed is the reason we can't start demolishing it for a few more weeks. It's good to know we are providing a home for so many feathered friends.

Welcome to two new followers in the Google pictures on the right. Josh and Dani. Dani has a blog called Eco Footprint which I'm looking forward to having a longer look at ASAP. Also welcome to David who is reading via Bloglovin'.

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