Sunday, 27 July 2014

Restraint at the boot sale.

After my post last Sunday with" rules to avoid having to do a carboot sale" . I had to be very good at todays visit up the road. I resisted some craft and card making paper packs quite easily as they were new prices of £5.99 a pack. I picked up and put down some notelets and Christmas cards - have enough at home already and walked past all the plants this week - and there were hundreds for sale.
So what I bought were all very useful things
 A pair of linen shorts were £1, the pie plate, colander and bun cases were 50p each and the biggest bargain was the giant roll of Lakeland cling film for £2 ( it's usually £10.99). I try to avoid using cling film as much as possible and usually store things in boxes or bowls with a plate over the top when I put them in the fridge. But sometimes cling film can be handy and I use these giant rolls in a cutter box so have one in the cupboard already. Now I have many, many years supply!

We had a hot and airless night here last night and I realised what it's been like for everyone further inland over the past week, it should be cooler after today I think.
After a restless night and  yesterdays bale shifting we had a quieter day today and just got the onions up and put to dry in the  greenhouse. Some look OK and will probably store but the ones that had gone black and mouldy all down the  stems, also had no roots - or rather the roots had rotted away. We've kept these separate to use straight away. We've been selling a couple of bunches of onions everyday and have easily covered the cost of the sets and made a good profit. We will carry on selling some in case they don't store well.

Now the hay is cut we can get the youngest batch of 60 chickens back onto the field in the big shed. They've gone off lay a bit, there may well be some red mite on the perches so it will be good to move them into a clean building and onto some fresh grass.

Thank you to everyone for comments about the hay making, I'm not really very fit but can shift a few bales although I can't lift them very high so am not much help getting them up onto the trailer. What is wonderful is that C is so fit and well, this time last year he could barely lift a bale and we had to have a lot of help getting the hay in. Thank goodness for the stents in the arteries that they were able to do at Papworth.

 I must finish by welcoming two new followers on Google - Lorraine and Captain Shagrat ( although  I'm a bit dubious about anyone with a name like that being a genuine follower ?! ). Plus Maxine on Bloglovin'.
This is post number 471 and I'm definitely doing a giveaway - books probably - for my 500th, become a Google friend follower now so that you're ready!

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