Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day 6 of Haymaking and nearly finished.

Only a few spots of drizzle yesterday evening so no harm done and good and hot again today, still with a little breeze, thankfully.

 First load of hay bales from our field going into the hay shed. It's so easy when we do our field, no roping the bales onto the trailer, just pile them on and two minutes later unload. (One of the reasons for having a 4WD Jeep, we need something to pull a trailer load of bales over a bumpy field)
Here is our Very Old Tractor pulling the Not Quite So Old Baler, with the Decrepit Old Bale Sledge at the back. This machinery is about quarter of the size of newer stuff which is why we can't do the big round bales ourselves - our tractor would never manage it.

And just to prove I was there, either driving the jeep with the trailer on or helping to unload.
You wouldn't see many old farm workers in shorts and a vest top, but I find Hay gets everywhere whatever you wear, and blimey it was hot! I had the air con on in the jeep but I think that made getting out feel even hotter.
I'm wondering what the upper age limit is for old women shifting bales, I think I might be reaching it!

Our field produced exactly 150 bales. The field we rent in Saxmundham had 16 giant round bales and the field we rent just up the road had 27 big 'uns. ( There are roughly 11 or 12 small bales in a big round one)

We have to pay out for two lots of rent, plus paying for cutting and round baling, but hopefully we will make a good profit when it's all sold. C's next job is to help load and shift the round bales for the man who's bought them and then bale the barley straw we are buying in a couple of weeks time. I guess it will then be my turn to help bring them all back here and unload. Another thing to sell at a profit during the winter.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday.
Janice asked about the second home up the road. It's the next house to us on our side of the road but two fields away and is owned by a couple from London ( as are so many round here) who only come to Suffolk for weekends. When a small field came up for sale behind the house about 4 years ago they bought it so that nobody else could buy it! Then they didn't know what to do with it and asked C to cut it. C said he could either top it every now and again in which case they would have to pay him or we could make hay from it and pay them rent, that's what they decided on. Guess who got the better deal? They think country people are gullible. Ha!

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