Friday, 18 July 2014


It's been hotter here today, wall to wall sunshine but still with a nice breeze so not the high temperatures that some parts have had. We had an hour or so sitting out with cricket on the radio for him and a book for me.

C picked all the Morello cherries that he could reach yesterday evening, the blackbirds had taken several already and many were wrinkled and small, so not a good crop this year. Today I've taken the stones out of a few and put them in the freezer. The rest went into a couple of punnets and I hopped on my bike to take them to a friend in the village who had asked for any we had spare.

Earlier this morning C went to see man about some barley straw. Now that the fields locally are being farmed by a big company they are not keen on letting us have any to make small bales. They wanted £1 a bale which is twice as much as we paid last year. So C had a think and went off to see someone else and Good News we can have some for 40p a bale as long as we bale another 50 for someone else at the same time. That's a Much better price. While he was out he took all the bottles that are recycled from the campsite to the bottle bank ( if only we had 10p for every bottle of wine/beer drunk on site we would be millionaires!) and then went to get chicken feed.

I've been clearing some of the annuals that have finished from the front border, but it soon got too warm for that job.

I haven't done an' Out For Sale Today' list for a while, so here's what went on the stand this morning.
3 cucumbers at 50p each
2 bunches of beetroot at £1 each
2 bunches of onions at 50p each
2 Bags of  Climbing green beans at £1 each
1 bag of runner beans at 50p
4 bags of various sized tomatoes at 50p each
2 bags with 2 small pointed peppers in each bag at 50p each
7 bags of potatoes at 50p each
4 punnets of redcurrants at £1 each
AND 17 boxes of 6 eggs at £1 each

Home grown/Homemade eaten today
Tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroot, lettuce and salad leaves, green beans, quiche using courgette and pepper and onion and our own eggs, chips using our own potatoes. Home made bread. Raspberries.
 We are living very well at the moment!

I did another wildlife  rescue this afternoon. Polly the cat was in the conservatory making funny little squeaking noises, with her nose under the old settee. So I went to see what she was talking about, tipped the settee up and spotted a very small frog, about an inch from nose to tail, luckily  it jumped into the corner of the conservatory and got tangled in a cobweb- I knew I'd left them there for a reason :-) so I was able to pick it up and pop it into the small sink pond. I'm sure Polly gave me a black look!

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