Thursday, 3 July 2014

Catch up Monday to Thursday

I've neglected to write about what's been happening here since last Sunday, better put that right.

A fine day, with cloud coming in now and again off the sea. 
It was bread making morning, 2 loaves and 10 rolls done. I also made some sausage rolls for dinner and lunches, 2 pastry cases to pop in the freezer and a pie base and top ready for Wednesday. C was working at our neighbours, hedge trimming and strimming. One caravan arrived on site and a couple  camping decided to stay on until the end of the week.

An early start putting stuff out for sale and then we had a morning out doing lots of errands. Starting by returning a pair of glasses left here by a friend at the weekend, then to B & Q for some bits of guttering and ridge for the shed. We also picked up some cheap grow bags ready for putting the new strawberry plants in. We want to try them up off the ground in the poly - tunnel. While we were there we bought a new shower for the campsite, the other one is still OK at the moment but when you think of the number of people who use it there is a possibility that one day it will break down. We thought if we got one exactly the same while they still had them it would be an easy job to swap them when/if it goes wrong.  It is debatable if tying up £60 on an electric shower that may not be needed is a good idea. But to run up to Ipswich specially would cost us.
 Next stop Asda for cheap Diesel and a few bits from the supermarket that we can't get cheap locally.
On to Framlingham for chicken feed and finally home via the bank and Tescos in Saxmundham. It always seems a good idea doing everything at once but it's a bit tiring.

After lunch I started gooseberry picking again, the rain last week has done the bushes a lot of good so the small fruit  are now big enough to sell.
One caravan arrived on the campsite  for a weeks stay.

Another fine day, wind was a bit chilly though - straight off the sea.
After picking and packing and putting out for sale raspberries, potatoes, courgettes, beetroot and broad beans we both tackled some weeding. The onion and bean beds now look a lot better.
C then decided to get started on the "porch" over the shed door. He carried on in the afternoon after delivering 20 bales of last years hay to Kate-who-bought-my-goats. I prepared a bacon,egg and tomato pie for dinner and then started on gooseberry picking again. In between I also watched Andy Murray get knocked out of Wimbledon - I don't know what was the matter with him but he didn't seem to be playing well.
1 motor-home arrived on site for a 2 night stay.

Even warmer today now the wind has gone round away for the East. As usual we started by putting everything out for sale. There were even enough green beans to put one bag out ( I checked the supermarket comparison site and discovered that it costs 50p more to buy your beans trimmed. How long does it take to top and tail green beans - 2 minutes? How lazy/stupid are some people?)  plus 3 punnets of raspberries,
(We really did the right thing a few years ago, when we took out some old blackcurrant bushes and replaced them with 2 rows of raspberry canes.)
  1 bunch of beetroot, 4 cucumbers, 4 bags of potatoes, 2 bags of broad beans and 1 bag of courgettes. Plus 2 punnets of gooseberries as soon as I had a chance to pick them.

Yesterday we had just finished weeding when a friend popped round to collect eggs, I was saying how so many leaves irritated my arms and I would have to find some gloves that covered more before weeding the courgettes, which are really scratchy. She said she'd got some I could have and dropped them round later, so today I weeded the courgettes and emerged scratch free.

 A home grown veggie curry was prepared for dinner and I mixed up a batch of onion bhaji mix so we could have bhajis with the curry. The joy of making a meal for the cost of a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of curry powder, half a mug of rice and a few spices- Brilliant!
C was doing some more to the shed porch extension thingy, I'll put a picture up when it's done.

1 motor-home arrived  for 5 nights. Almost everyone staying has at least 1 dog, so I hope they don't all start each other off in a barking competition. 

Wecome to Sanny a new follower on Google and to Michelle on Bloglovin' and thank you to everyone for yesterdays comments about books and reading. It's good to get new ideas for reading from others who are joining  in the year in books link.

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