Sunday, 18 May 2014

Where do they go? and why?

If someone comments on my blog and I don't recognise the name I usually click to see if they have a blog. Several times over the last year new people have commented and when I look they have often just started blogging. I add them to my blogroll reading list and sometimes they carry on posting but more often the blog disappears or they do a couple of posts and then stop.
But I want to know why?! I'm nosey. I need to know what happened! Setting up a blog takes a little time so why go to the trouble of starting and then just stopping? Or is  something more sinister happening!?
Please, if you've started a blog and then stopped, tell me why!

It's been a fantastically sunny day here in Suffolk. We went to the car boot sale as usual this morning, dozens of sellers, but we were still home again before 9.
Todays treasures include a couple of things that will be Christmas gifts and three things for me/us/the house.

A brand new hot-water bottle was £1, the glass bottle which will be a pretty vase another £1 and the herb chopping thing was £2. I bought someone one of these for Christmas several years ago and have often thought about getting one for us, so it was nice to find it at a sensible car-boot price.

Before the heat  got going we put up another bed of canes and sowed the runner bean seeds. Hopefully they will follow on from the plants put out during the week.

Then we enjoyed  sitting out in the sun, there was a bit of a breeze and we had to shift the chairs around the garden to find the best place to sit. I've finished my first library book - Rory Clements - The Queens man. Which is actually a pre-quel to the other 5 already written. They are historical crime featuring John Shakespeare - brother to William. Who is an intelligencer in the days of Queen Elizabeth 1st.

Thanks to lots of folk for comments over the last few days and welcome to Hazzy, follower 169 on Google Friends and to a couple more people following by bloglovin'. Hope you enjoy reading about a quiet Suffolk life.

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