Friday, 16 May 2014

Stop Press: Shock Horror......I forgot the library van!

I thought about the library van coming at around 9 this morning" must get the books organised". Then the thought was gone and we were having lunch before I remembered. So we had to chase it (Not literally) to Orford.
The library lady was pleased to see us as she thought she was going to have to take all our books back again.
Here is my haul of lovely books that I had ordered.
Now which shall I read first?

Apart from following the library van across Suffolk, I've been weeding the Daffodil bed and C has been moving the irrigation equipment for our farmer friend.
The sun has shone and temperatures rose enough to sit out for a while, which is probably why I forgot the library and forgot to clean the campsite loos until way past my usual time.
Oh well. never mind
Back tomorrow


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