Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Old iron and old hens

Thank you to everyone for ideas for one more herb to fill a space. When I wrote a list of what herbs I have here I forgot the Parsley, Basil and Horseradish. Still haven't decided what else I need.

What do we do with 40 old chickens. Their eggs were poor quality, they were not laying many and we've already restocked with 60 young hens.
One thing we don't do is to keep them and feed them for little return. We're running a business, they have to go.
So we ring our friend T. He is a wheeler-dealer smallholder, he buys and sells all sorts of things. Yesterday he came and collected our old hens and paid us 50p each. He is also a licensed scrap dealer so he took away a small heap of junk we had here. C normally takes scrap himself, but there wasn't enough to warrant a special trip. T gave us another £20 for the scrap.
So an empty chicken shed has been cleaned out and pressure washed and will be left empty for a while and we have a space by the wood shed ready to start a new scrap heap.

Other jobs done over the last two days include C odd jobbing at our neighbours, cultivating our field to get rid of weeds and pulling the ridger through to make a hollow for planting out the pumpkins and squash. I've been to Leiston for some bits of shopping, sown more squash seeds to make up for those that didn't germinate and also sown another batch of climbing French beans . We got the first lot planted out yesterday and an hour later we had a short hail storm, luckily they've survived.

I can't think of any other happenings here so.............
Back tomorrow


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