Thursday, 15 May 2014

A little bit of warmth

We've had sunshine and cloud over the last few days but always with a chilly wind, sometimes right off the sea but today the wind dropped and we had a blue sky sunny day.
C has been here all day getting lots of gardening done; preparing beds for runner beans, strimming the edges and grass cutting. We got one bed of runners planted out - I had started them in the greenhouse several weeks ago. The other bed will be seed sown straight into the ground in a couple of weeks time. A friend from a mile away called in today and said there was quite a frost at her house this morning but luckily I think we missed it as everything is looking OK.

Thanks to everyone for comments yesterday about the 10 random things and the Nemesia annual/perennial debate. It was good to find someone ( Tiddles) who had also been on the SS Nevasa for a school educational cruise. I thought no one would believe me as it seems such an unlikely thing nowadays. I looked up the Nevasa on Google and was surprised to find she kept going until 1974, that was 6 years after our trip, as we were told at the time that we were one of the last school trips, but they must have tidied her up a bit and carried on. There was a sister ship the SS Uganda and we passed her somewhere on the way to or from the Med.

Back tomorrow