Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Serves me right for crowing

I spent all weekend saying how nice and dry it was here and it's come back to haunt me as the weather has been awful for most of the day.
It was just about dry when I dashed out to pick strawberries - almost 2lb-  before lunch time and not too bad earlier when I popped to Mr Ts supermarket for milk and a few other bits to last the rest of the month. This means that I don't need to shop until June and that means there is £50 left in my purse. I'm not sure how, as food spending wasn't far under budget, but as we've been no further than the car boot sales all month there has been no occasion to use money elsewhere.

So whoopee! After 5 months I can order my Roberts red retro digital  radio.

Now I want to save for a better digital camera. Taking photos is something I've always done. Years ago I had a simple Russian SLR, cheap and cheerful but brilliant quality pictures. The little Canon that C got me for my birthday last year is OK but I find it very frustrating as the zoom is only x5. I would also like a viewfinder so I can see what I'm pointing at. There seem to be dozens of DSLR cameras on the market and they are not cheap. It will take a long time to save up for. I shall do some research.

We had no one due in on the campsite but a large motorhome arrived so we've put them on the edge of the campsite and driveway where they won't get stuck - in case we have even more rain.

C thought about taking a load of horse muck from our neighbours down to Leiston to his customers allotments but was put off by the rain, the tractor has a bit of a cab but not very weather proof. He was planning to bring back a load of ballast for concreting the shed floor. Instead he has spent the day working on the frame of the shed which he can do out of the rain. He 'found' some wooden window frames which were up in the roof of the workshop ( might come in handy) and has cut them down to fit.

The forecast for the rest of the week is pretty dire too and it's the Suffolk Agricultural Association Show tomorrow and Thursday. I used to love going to the show and  watching the show jumping, going around the food hall and craft tents and seeing how many free cups of coffee and other drinks I could blag ( Barclays Bank used to do Pimms - very nice too) but we haven't been for years. It's very expensive now just to get in and once in too many temptations and it's huge- miles and miles of walking around. It will be fun tomorrow for all the rich, famous and the cream of Suffolk families as the ladies struggle through the mud in their high heels, unsuitable clothes and with one hand clutching their hats!

Many thanks for comments yesterday. I've added westwickdreaming to my blog roll for reading - a new smallholder just getting started.

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