Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I wanted to write about 10 random things but...........

I've been enjoying reading blogs with lists of 10 random things about the author, I thought what a interesting idea to do.
But then I couldn't think of any random things about me to write about!

I love books - but you know that by the number of book blog posts.

I love peanut butter, I could live on peanut butter on toast - but that's greedy rather than random.

Then I thought again and came up with these

1. I never knew my Dad, he was killed in a motorcycle accident 5 months before I was born. My mum re-married my dads older brother 3 years later, so my uncle became my Dad!
2. I hate housework, but don't like living with untidy or dirty or clutter, so it gets done in a "sort-of" way.

3. I got married at 20 and divorced at 23! I got married again at 24 and had 3 children  by the time I was 32.

4. I love visiting places I've not been, but hate traveling - I'm waiting for someone to invent a transporter system like Star Trek.

5. When I was 13 I went on school educational cruise. We were amongst the last  school groups to go on the extremely ancient  SS.Nevassa.It was a 10 days cruise and  cost £50. We went to Cadiz, Lisbon, Palma and Gibraltar - I can't  remember anything about it - too busy chatting up boys!

6. I don't possess one single dress and I only own one skirt. I live in jeans, leggings and shorts I don't enjoy buying clothes at all.

7. I hate wearing tights and almost as much don't like socks. I would be bare feet all year if only it was warmer/dryer.

8. The primary school I went to had only 5 other people my age and only one girl. My best friend Jackie was a year younger and then moved away when I was 10. I went from a 50 pupil primary school to a 500  pupil grammer  school. My first good friend Caroline moved away after 2 terms. Is that the reason I find it very difficult to make friends?

9. I hate lifts and would walk up a dozen flights of stairs rather than getting into that small space.

10. I love Hostas
What a good way to fill up a blog post!

Today I was given a gift of a Nemesia, Wisley Vanilla from a fellow blogger - Thank you L that was very kind. It smells gorgeous - vanilla - obviously. It doesn't say on the label if it's a perennial  or annual, so I googled it - as you do. I found this -  " a lot of plants that are classed as annuals are really perennials but they die at the end of the season because they are not hardy- Nemesia is one of these"
Now I'm still confused!

Back tomorrow


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