Thursday, 8 May 2014

Summer in a jar

When I cleared out the freezers a couple of weeks ago so that I could squash everything into one, I found a bag of strawberries that I didn't know were there. The best thing to do with frozen strawbs is to add them to something and make jam. Strawberries on their own don't set well so chuck in a few leftover gooseberries and redcurrants and Hey Presto! a nice red jam that sets a treat and smells and tastes like summer in a jar.
The total weight of fruit was just over 3 and a half pounds and it made this amount, although this hasn't been much help in making more space in the freezer.

C was away early this morning doing odd jobs and gardening for his Leiston customer, he got most done before the rain started. We had a few heavy showers but a lot of drizzle, so how much good it's done to the garden we will see.
 He took the trailer and came home via the industrial estate to pick up 6 more IBC containers. I keep mentioning these because they make a handy income for us and if you don't know what they are look here. The ones we get have been used for water soluble cleaning products so with a good clean with the pressure washer they are safe to use for water storage. We have had more phone calls from our ad in the Suffolk Smallholders Newsletter so these will soon be sold.

We had a campsite cancellation due to the weekends  weather forecast. It sounds grim but I doubt it will be as bad as predicted here.  The lady said they hope to come later in the year. So with just one caravan on site this weekend, not too much cleaning or bin emptying will be required. Perhaps if we do have rain over the weekend we will be able to get into the poly tunnels for weeding and  tying up the tomatoes. Or I could spend the time catching up on letter writing and card making.

Back tomorrow
PS Many thanks for comments yesterday about our lovely pink flowered Horse Chestnut.


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