Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Running to catch up? Not today

3 days spent at car boot sales, working outside and watching the snooker on TV and I needed to be running to catch up all week.

Then last night C had bad chest pains and we were worried that all the heart things were starting all over again. Hopefully it was just  caused by really bad indigestion, but he got very little sleep and what with one thing and another we are both tired today. By coincidence he had an appointment  with the doctor this morning anyway so was checked out and all is OK. He has to increase the tablets that he already takes which are supposed to stop the other tablets upsetting his stomach. The joy of getting older!

I managed to get the bread making done and some hoovering plus all the chicken and egg things of course but then we both had a rest.

The trouble with this time of year is that there are always so many jobs that need  doing soon  and  I suddenly remembered that I owe letters to two penfriends. Hopefully full energy will be restored tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday and welcome to new followers on Bloglovin'.

Back tomorrow


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