Sunday, 4 May 2014

Spending too much at the car boot sale!

It was the first of 3 local car-boot sales I hope to get to this weekend and it was huge and I bought some things I didn't really need, they were NOT on my list and  I spent more than usual. Oh dear.

Two more Hostas, colour combinations I've not seen before, a pot of sempervivum, these are the outdoor cactus things that spread like mad - I hope - and need virtually no soil to grown in. I've not had any of these since house number 3 ( 1983) where we  had some growing in gaps in a wall. A very old willow patten jug, I love jugs and this in good condition outside - though grotty inside- and will make a brilliant vase. A Charlotte Watson salt keeper. The salt keeper I have at the moment has a chip on the opening, which is sure to break one day. A Henry Watson pottery lemon squeezer. The original Watsons pottery is across in West Suffolk and although they don't make their pottery there anymore they still have a shop which we've been to a couple of times and never been able to afford their stuff new. ( The salt keeper currently sells for £20.75) I really didn't need a lemon squeezer. But this is nice. A sign for the upstairs bathroom door. Certainly didn't need this - I know where the bathroom is! A Miss Read book that seems to have some things in it that I've not seen before, although I may be wrong in which case I wasted 20p and finally an interesting looking book, which I could have noted down the title of and borrowed, from the library saving myself another 20p.
My total spend was £15.40p. 

Meanwhile C was  finding  man treasures.
A metal step ladder/extending ladder, to replace our one which is falling apart. A metal set square, he hasn't got one as big as this apparently. A door/window clamp, he's never had one before. A pack of  plastic ties for fixing bundles of things together. A hosepipe connection - always handy as they don't last forever. And last but not least 6 anchors for fixing wooden posts down onto concrete - for our (sometime in the future) veranda - the Best Bargain at 50p each when they are £ 8 each new. His total spend £19.50.

Luckily we are not doing any bank holiday trips, excursions, meals out or visits to stately homes etc so the only money spent over the weekend will be at car boots and I quite expect to find nothing at all tomorrow, because it will probably be the same people there all over again!

Back tomorrow


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