Thursday, 29 May 2014

Talking about comments

I love the way blogging is so informative. Yesterday I wrote about the bees under/in a small space on the cement mixer and Ellen commented that they look like Tree Bees and gave the site details for more info.
See Here
They certainly look like the picture and behave in the same way as the information says. The best thing is that they are brilliant for pollinating. Both raspberry beds are constantly covered with them. I think there is a saying that Nature Abhors a Vacuum, so have these bees moved in to fill the gap left by the absence of Honey and Bumble bees?
We shall leave them well alone and will be hiring a cement mixer for Saturdays concreting.

It's been a nasty day not a lot of rain, but grey and cold with drizzle every now and again. I managed to get some jobs done outside first thing this morning, 2 more pepper plants and 3 pots of Basil into the poly-tunnel, 9 squash plants potted from modules into pots and 2 cucumbers, bought from the car boot sale to replace the 2 that got eaten, also into bigger pots.
I put 3 pots of Basil and 3 bunches of flowers out for sale but only 1 bunch sold today but we did sell £20 worth of eggs so there must have been some passing traffic.

Our campsite stands empty tonight, the first night with nobody here since early April. The forecast is good for the weekend so maybe we will get a phone call tomorrow. I did wonder if we would get people wanting to come so they could visit Minsmere where Springwatch is being filmed.

Going back to yesterdays comments Jackie says she reads via Feedly, is there a way to find who follows via feedly? or are they all mystery readers. You are all very welcome whoever and where ever you are and Hello again to AlisonB43 in Scarborough, I thought you were down south somewhere.

Back tomorrow


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