Friday, 30 May 2014

Catching up weather.

Just a quick post today as I have a good book to finish this evening.
(Anna Quindlen- Still life with breadcrumbs)

At last a morning when I was able to get outside and catch up on work not done when the weather was bad.
C has got our small motor mower working better so that now I have to run to keep up instead of struggling to keep it moving.I didn't realise he had done it so it was quite a shock when I started it up and it went zooming off with me hanging on behind. I also got the flower border weeded and was pleased to find that several foxgloves and aquilegia  have  seeded themselves so there are several baby plants growing.

And my radio arrived, it looks brilliant and I'm so pleased I saved up for it. If I had gone out and bought it using money from savings I would have felt guilty for spending on something I didn't really need. That's the trouble with frugal living - sometimes you get too frugal and become unable to enjoy spending anything at all.
I have  4 posts half started in the drafts file, I really must find time to get them done.
Which one do you want first
Cost Effective Self sufficiency or Self Sufficiency at any cost?
Avoiding Gadgets?
10 things to take if you were a pioneer?
Checking Finances?

Then I will need to do the Year In Books Link for June  and my usual Review of the Month. I just need an extra day next week!

Back tomorrow ( after concreting the shed base)


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