Friday, 9 May 2014

Another week of 'surviving without a salary'.

Not as much rain here as forecast, but very windy. I was up early so decided to do an extra bread loaf bake as well as the tomato and herb rolls that I had been planning.
 I then got one polytunnel weeded before the sun came out and it was too warm plus the bread had risen and needed baking. So it was all go here as I dashed between inside and outside, potting up some more squash plants, pricking out basil, tidying up the shed, watering the squash and pumpkin plants in the conservatory, hoovering.

 Phew -  I was glad to sit down this afternoon and write a letter to a penfriend.

Today has been an eggcelent ( sorry!) day for egg sales. Our 60 new hens are all laying and the oldest 35 are still here before being sold on Monday so we have more eggs than usual. Eggs are normally put out for sale the day after they've been laid but because of the Bank holiday and a wet day we had a half a days backlog, however today we sold all of yesterdays as well as those left from the day before....... an income of £33!

C has been working on the IBC containers, some needed fixing to new pallets as well as a good clean. One has been collected  already after a phone call this morning and he is delivering two more tomorrow.

This makes another very good week for a couple of people without a salary.
When I did a post in April about surviving without a salary it got hundreds of page views and lots of comments, with people saying it helps them to see how it's possible to give up full time work and still manage ( as long as outgoings are low enough i.e no mortgage ) So here  is another weeks 'survival'.

Saturday: Eggs= £22     Campsite = £60 + £24
Sunday:  Eggs = £19   C pay for grass cutting= £50. C cheque for April irrigation work= £290
Monday: Eggs= £13
Tuesday: Eggs= £22
Wednesday: Eggs= £19, Herbs= £2.50  Campsite= £228 ( a 19 day stay!!) + Campsite £10
Thursday: Eggs = £19 ,
Friday: Eggs £33,  Sale of IBC £35

This makes up for the weeks in winter when there will only be egg sales.

Back tomorrow


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