Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bank Holidays are for other people, not for us.

When I walked up the field to let the chickens out just after 7 this morning the sky was blue and the sun shining, there was no wind so no road noise from the A12 which is 3 miles away, the tourists  were not yet on their way to Aldeburgh so the A1094 , which is 2 miles away   was also quiet. All the campsite visitors were tucked up behind the curtains in their campervans/caravans and I thought how lucky I was to be up and about on such a glorious morning.
A young hare ran across the field and two small rabbits disappeared into the undergrowth near the pond. Blackbirds and all sorts of other birds were happy in the hedges.
Then trundling up the road from the farm came the huge sprayer machine thingy, he turned into the field that goes all around our 5 acres and started going up and down. Peace shattered!
So the  farming contractors who farm all the land around here are working on a Bank Holiday Sunday and I suppose you could say we do too.
The caravan that's been here for 19 days was away today so C needed to cut the grass where they had been. A motorhome that arrived yesterday was having problems with their fridge so asked if they could borrow some ice packs - no problem. The campsite toilets and shower needed cleaning as usual and the bins checked. Two caravans arrived and needed welcoming and showing where everything is, and of course the eggs needed collecting,sorting and putting in boxes for tomorrow.
But before many people were up we had already popped along to the car boot sale and a few more treasures have been found.
The basket is something I've been vaguely looking for to replace the cardboard box that we have kindling in in the living room.Its the right size and was £4. I thought the picture was a print until I picked it up and looked closely and on the back was a label with an original price of £39 and some details,including the title 'Down by The Ouse' by someone called W. Henry. So I guessed it was an original watercolour. The geese and silver birch trunks in the background are quite well done. No information about the artist online so I think he/she is/was what they call a 'talented amateur'. That was also £4 but it needs reframing. The book is called 'Kindertransport', the biographical account of a young Jewish girl who fled to England just before the war. I paid 50p. The Sudoku book is old but unused and was 20p and the red pot holder 10p. I normally do a Sudoku or 2 when I'm having coffee mid morning - keeps my brain going I think!

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