Monday, 5 May 2014

More boot sale bargains

2 more Car boot sales this morning. Another big one same place as yesterday and a very small one in our nearest village. They only have one a year on this Bank Holiday Monday.
Today I crossed two more things off my list.

Here was my list  on 4th April before the car boot season started, with the things I soon found crossed off.

2 Toilet roll holders for the new Gents toilets on the campsite.( We looked in B & Q - some were £18!!)  bought at the first car boot for 50p each
New Tea Towels as long as they are less than 50p each
Card making bits, although they have to be cheap and I must be really choosy as I have shelves full already.
Wine glasses that look like this Found exactly what I wanted (after looking for about 3 years) for £2
Things that could be Christmas presents.
Books from my "looking for" list............. these have to be cheap.
Books not on my list but look really interesting.......they need to be even cheaper.
A Hosta that has green leaves with yellow edges. Love Hostas. Ahem! 'seem' to have bought 3 Hostas!

Then I added a few  more things to my list

New cheap ( less than £2) T shirts.
An old ( but decent) rug with a traditional pattern in beige and reds  for in front of the wood burner
A large old fashioned square shaped mirror  Found for bargain price of £2  on 21st April

And today I found the rug  - as it was exactly the  colours that I wanted I decided it was worth  the £10 I paid.
Polly approves of the new rug
 And the man who is sometimes at local boot sales with  new T shirts was there, so I got 4 for £5.

Then we called in at Friston where I spotted one of these for sale for £10, brand new, never used but with a little bit of the cover broken in one corner. I've been managing with a small window sill propagator for the last couple of years but with my new shed on the way before next spring this will make life easier.
That means I spent even more than yesterday. Thank goodness the money for the things today didn't have to come out of the housekeeping purse as I could pay myself back from the garden, clothes and house virtual envelopes. If I go on at this rate of spending there will be nothing left in my purse for the Roberts Radio fund, which seems to be taking ages to reach it's target. I may have to do something drastic next month - maybe I'll jump on  the frugal food challenge bandwagon!

C has been really busy here over the last few days with preparations for the concrete base of the new garden shed. ( He is always busy but rarely here several days in a row). I'm very excited  * small excited dance!* I have all sorts of plans for the colour, a small patio area at the front and displaying pots on an old wooden ladder in a vintage shabby chic sort of way. ( Have you noticed that anything for sale labelled vintage, retro or shabby chic has £10 added for each word used!)

Back tomorrow- when I must get back to normal housework/bread making mode.


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