Saturday, 24 May 2014

New shed - stage 1

We had another good rain early this morning and now at 5 pm its just turned black as night and chucked another load on us, and very windy too. We've had so much rain over the last 3 days that C has lost the job he was supposed to be doing next week. He was to have been looking after all the irrigation work while our farmer friend was away on holiday. Nothing will need irrigating now. Ho Hum - the joys of self-employment!
This is the beginnings of my new garden/potting/storage shed.
The area at the front will be paved in the same way that we did the patio, using the old council paving stones. It will be a bit bigger than my old shed which is a good thing as sometimes I have a job to squeeze into it and frequently have to clear the workbench before I can do anything.
It needs to be big enough for
 Useful-sized clean flowerpots
Dirty flowerpots awaiting washing
Seedtrays, and their covers
Lots of large trays for standing planted pots in for watering
Large flowerpots, that might be useful one day
Some old buckets , ditto
Bags of seed compost
Sacks of coal
Odds and ends of outdoor things that have no home elsewhere
Some of the garden tools
Egg trays that we use for chitting potatoes
A paper sack for the glass that's waiting to be recycled
A box to put old batteries also awaiting recycling
Empty paper sacks that might be needed near the house
A large box that will be used for storing apples again this autumn - I hope.
Old printed egg boxes that people have returned and we might need one day
A box of gardening stuff like ant powder plus some weird sprays that we've never used
Some old towels hanging on nails
A big tub with birds peanuts and another with seed
An old metal sieve with holes too big to be useful
The spare hot-spot tape and repair tape from the poly-tunnels
Some random flower arranging bits in case I ever get the urge to do something artistic.
An old biscuit tin with old empty seed packets, labels and odds and ends
2 old metal watering cans - awaiting my new patio -to be planted with flowers in a shabby chic way!
and probably lots more things too.

Many thanks to Dawn, Pat, Bridget, Rosezeeta, Red Setter,  Kevin and Jane for comments yesterday.

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