Saturday, 17 May 2014

Catching some rays

We had cloud first thing but it moved away and then blue skies and sunshine all afternoon. C did several jobs between sitting out, grass cutting and cleaning out the two smallest chicken sheds.
Me? I just sat out!
Although we did get 25 pumpkin plants out onto the field. Then our elderly friend came round with three more that he had spare so I've potted them up and washed quite a few flower pots, so not completely lazy.

Every time I walk past the small sink pond I just have to stand and watch for a minute as there are hundreds of tadpoles swimming and eating all the blanket weed. I'm sure there are too many to survive in such a small space. They are keeping the water so clean that the blue sky is reflected (and my fingers holding the camera!)

Yesterday an email popped up offering me free delivery for Approved Foods, I knew we needed  Sensodyne toothpaste, which they usually have for at least £1 less than the shops and after a search through I found enough to order. I avoided the mistake of buying flour and granulated sugar, which they have  on  at the moment, as Aldi flour is cheaper, as is buying the bulk 5kg sugar that Tesco always stock. So I have £60 pounds worth  of food including vegetable suet, biscuits, custard powder and mixed peel on the way for £27. Not a bad saving I think.

The weather is set fair for a car boot sale visit tomorrow.
I must write myself a new list

Back tomorrow


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