Thursday, 22 May 2014

The First Strawberries of 2014.

A lovely good rain yesterday evening gave the garden a much needed
watering. Unfortunately we had a blip with our water-catching-moving-round-the-garden system. The heavy rain must have forced one of the hosepipes up and out of the tank it was in, so several hundred litres were in a big puddle at the end of the sheds instead of in the tanks. Luckily it had filled up most of the other tanks before it went wrong.
I'm so glad I didn't bother with being a Polling Clerk today as I've been operating on about 60% of normal energy all day and even ended up having a couple of hours reading this afternoon- and the sun was shining and I could have been doing something useful outside. I couldn't even summon up the energy to bike to the polling station and I certainly wasn't going to use good diesel to go and vote.
I don't often miss voting unlike someone we know in the family who has reached the age of 55 without ever entering a polling station!
In case you were thinking our first cucumbers from the poly-tunnel were super-duper huge and straight, this  was one of the two we've had. All small cucumbers have now been pinched out so the main shoot can grow a lot longer and produce lots of side shoots and lots more cucumbers.
And here are our first strawberries, lots of manky bits needed cutting off but it was still a treat for so early in the year. We were able to cover both the strawberry beds and the raspberry bed this morning. Another job done, and I washed another lot of flower pots and stacked them away ready for next year.

Twice I've forgotten to thank all blogging friends for comments over the last few days, much appreciated and I do read all of them. Welcome to a new follower- Treelover- on Google friends.

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