Friday, 23 May 2014

More rain, more sunshine and more tractors

Rain again overnight then lovely sunshine all day. Perfect weather in fact.
Perfect weather for critters too so I'm still checking the gooseberries regularly for caterpillars, I wish gooseberry bushes were at a better height, it's a back breaking job.

A couple of phone calls for people wanting a pitch for the weekend but we already have our allocation of 5 caravans booked in, so I had to say Sorry. Someone rang asking about a pitch for two tents - we always have room for tents - then the lady rang back again to check a couple more facts about the site and said she would ring back later to confirm, but I heard no more, which is a shame. When that happens it always makes me wonder what I said that put them off?

C was hedge trimming at our neighbours this morning and I was tackling the asparagus bed which was crying "weed me"  every time I walked by. A good load of washing was dry by half past two and then we had an early cuppa so we could head out to collect chicken feed and then call in to look at a Collective Machinery and  Farming Effects Sale at our local Sale yard.
This is the first sale of it's kind to be held here, by the looks of the number of lots and the crowd of people viewing it will be very popular. It's nice to have this type of sale in Suffolk as previously farmers have had to go to Cambridgeshire or Norfolk to buy and sell machinery.
Lots of big boys toys
and some smaller stuff inside. I quite fancy a garden trolley, the sort of thing you see at garden centres.In summer I could wheel all the fruit and vegetables we have sale out to the gate each morning. C says they usually go for over £ maybe not!

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