Saturday, 30 November 2013

30 Ways to Save £1-- Day 30 + 50p for Christmas decorations!

And Finally, The very last one of the 30 ways to save £1 was
30. Drive wisely - accelerate and brake slowly and don't carry more weight than you have to, take off the roof rack.
Him Outside even cleaned the jeep before we drove down to Essex on Tuesday so we were not carrying any extra mud!

I heard on the news that people were injured and fights broke out when Asda were selling reduced price televisions yesterday. Something to do with  being owned by Wal Mart so taking up the USA tradition of Black Friday when after Thanksgiving everyone in the States suddenly starts shopping for Christmas .
It must be hell living in a town or city in the run up to Christmas. It seems like whole world goes mad, car parks are jam packed, shops the same, queues everywhere. I NEVER go to Ipswich on a Saturday and if we do venture there during December it will be early as possible in the day and before the kids have finished school.
I'm so glad that we are out in the sticks but with access to two small towns where parking is free and simple and we can get most of our everyday needs.

This morning Him Outside concreted in the  6 new posts for our broken fence. He wanted to get this done so that when our son is here next weekend he'll be able to help lift the fence bits upright, while they are fixed back onto the posts.
I did the ironing and a bit of housework then biked down to the village hall to have a look at the Annual Cancer Research Christmas Sale. Plenty of people there and things to buy but I just had a go on the Grand Draw and spent 50p on a little Christmas Decoration that I've hung on the back door. ( The last of the Big Spenders!)
  I wonder if I'll get a phone call saying I've won a prize in the draw? It's unlikely as we are notoriously unlucky when it comes to winning.

The Christmas budget is looking good I still have over £100 left and only a Ham and fresh stuff to buy, so there will be some left for saving or carrying over to January (or to go on a secondhand book buying spree on Amazon!) The joy of having no debt and budgeting is that when things are under budget I know that we have a choice in what we do with the spare money. 


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