Sunday, 17 November 2013

30 Ways to Save £1-- Day 17 + A gloomy Sunday

A dull and gloomy Sunday, with a drizzley afternoon. We watched rugby instead of going for a walk.

The good apples have been wrapped in newspaper and put in a sturdy cardboard box out in the shed. The slightly damaged ones are laying in trays in the dining room to be eaten first, as soon as we've eaten the earlier ones that are already in the room. We can hardly get in there due to trays of apples.

I chopped a couple more sacks of kindling this morning and Him Outside fired up the tractor to go and shift some horse muck at our neighbours. She doesn't have horses but lets a family who live in town, keep their ponies in her field and shed. The bonus is, she and we get muck for the garden and we sell him our hay, Win Win all round. We now leave a trailer round there in the field for him to put the muck straight onto. As soon as our neighbour has had enough for this year there is some well rotted stuff at the bottom of a heap for us to put around our fruit bushes.

Number 17 of the 30 ways to save £1 was
17. Make Christmas gift tags from old Christmas cards or cut a couple of inches off the end of Christmas wrapping paper, stick it onto a piece of thin card and then cut into sections and you have tags to match the paper- very posh!
I always sort through cards when taking them down after Christmas,  some are cut up to become tags, some bits go into the drawer for shopping lists and the rest go in the recycling box.
When I was an Akela we used to play a game at Cubs every Christmas with cards cut into 4 pieces. The boys( this was before girls were allowed in!)  would have one piece and all the rest would be in a huge jumble in the middle of the floor and they would have to find the 3 bits to finish their picture. Simple fun!


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