Wednesday, 27 November 2013

30 Ways to save £1-- DAY 27 + The Winter Garden

Before I forget, I must welcome two new followers - Aileen and Emma, I hope you enjoy the ramblings from a Simple Suffolk Smallholding.

Number 27 of the 30 Ways to save £1 was
27. Do  you really need to buy a book straight away - wait for paperback version or buy from Amazon later when you can get it secondhand or even better use your local library.
If you love reading and owning books as I do this could save you a Huge amount. Using our library van to collect books I've ordered and then looking out at Charity shops for ones I would like to buy is much more fun for me than just buying everything straight away. It means I have money for other things.

What a mucky grey day we have had here today with wet fog and no sign of the sun.
Him Outside went down to the village to mend a fence this morning ( this was the job he should have done last Wednesday but cancelled due to the weather). This afternoon he covered some more vegetable beds with compost and plastic. This should stop them getting too waterlogged and worms will take the compost down into the soil overwinter.

The vegetables that we have still in the garden for winter are leeks, Brussels sprouts, cabbages, parsnips and chard. Then there are beetroot in the polytunnel and some stored in a sand box. Onions hanging in nets in the shed, squash under the spare bed, a couple of red cabbage hanging in nets in the craft room and broad beans, sweetcorn plus peppers in the freezer. Reminds me of the scene in The Good Life where Barbara shows Margo all the cupboards full of vegetables in their spare bedroom!

I've been at home all day wrapping some more Christmas presents, doing some housework and trying to get warm. Because we were out all day yesterday the Rayburn was lit and shut down and the wood burner was only alight for an hour, so the house feels cold.
My friend that we visited yesterday and I share the same taste in books and she had lots of new ones, so I've made a note of them and looked on the library web site. There is a waiting list of 72 people for the new Elizabeth Jane Howard book! It's the 5th in a series and I very much enjoyed the first 4 so I've added my name to the library list, it may be quite a long wait. She also had two WWII home front diaries that I hadn't come across before. The library haven't got either  so I shall fill in the box on their "suggestions" page and hope that they will buy them. 


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