Saturday, 2 November 2013

30 ways to save £1----DAY 2 - Supermarket value brands

Way back in April lots of people were doing 30 ways to save £1( mine are here) and sending it to to earn £30. So as there are 30 days in November I thought I would have a closer look at my 30 ways

30 Ways to save £1
2.Always try value range of supermarket brands, most are good.

We have tried a lot of value brands of different things from various supermarkets over the years. I wish we had a Sainsburys nearer as I think they have the biggest range of value products. I would also like to live nearer to an Aldi or Lidl as I think some of their things are cheaper than other supermarket value ranges.  One of the downsides of living in the sticks is that we have no choice  of supermarkets, and few opportunities to find  different value and reduced ticket items. I was in Coop and noticed they had dented tins of Napolina chopped tomatoes on their reduced shelf. Coops' idea of reduced price is £1.20 instead of £1.55. Who on earth pays £1.55 for a tin of tomatoes??!!

Things in a value range we always use are tinned tomatoes, baked beans, plain and self raising flour, bran flakes, porridge, weetabix,muesli base, tomato sauce, brown sauce, mayo, salad cream, instant custard ( for trifle topping), rice pudding, fresh carrots, cooking bacon, mature cheddar,digestive biscuits ( flan bases),lasagne, spaghetti, pasta, vinegar ( for table), peach slices, mandarin slices, mushy peas, tuna chunks,salmon trimmings,

Things in a value range we've tried and didn't like - biscuits, other than digestives( too dusty), stock cubes ( too salty) peanut butter ( too sweet), washing powder ( too smelly), soap ( too smelly), coffee, ( too bitter), Vinegar  for preserving chutneys etc ( value vinegar has less acid which is not good for preserving. I was told this on a food hygiene course and litmus paper proves it to be true).

There are probably other things that I've forgotten, and of course there are a lot of value range that we don't buy because we make our own. For instance, jam,pickles, cakes, bread etc.

I'm always interested to hear what value range people have tried and found to be good as it was thanks to a blog that I heard about the Sainsburys cooking bacon that often has delicious bacon chops in the pack.

This morning we had a few errands to run so after the Coop, where I used a £5 off £40 spend voucher to get some milk, Suffolk sausages and sausage meat for Christmas,muesli( to mix with the value range from Sainsburys) my favourite Fair trade cappuccino sachets, drinking chocolate and peppermint tea bags and some things for the store cupboard.  We called in at a farm shop for frozen Suffolk chickens.Then we popped into an antiques centre that we've been meaning to get to for ages. Lots of lovely things and we found a small wooden shelf for the bathroom. When we got home Him Outside cleared away the broken fence posts and damaged fence boards - broken in the gales last Monday -  and decided what needed doing to repair the fence.  Then we watched England beat Ireland at Rugby League 42-0 !!

This evening we'll be watching Strictly and doing some reading I expect.

Back tomorrow.


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