Monday, 25 November 2013

30 Ways to Save £1-- Day 25 + Just A Normal sort of Monday

First of all I must  say Welcome to some new followers over in the little pictures on the right. Hello to Julie Wyatt and Snitty Kitty. Just need 1 more person to reach 100! There are also 58 people on Bloglovin too.

The weather here today is yet again a mixture of sunshine and showers and quite chilly with it.
Him Outside was at our neighbours for an hour or so this morning, moving a fence. Then he filled up the water tank we have on the back of an old trailer to take up to the top of the field for the chickens. Littered the 3 sheds with straw, and filled up the straw boxes near the sheds ( that I use for refreshing the nesting boxes), washed the jeep, and probably a few other jobs too.

While the bread was rising and the sun shining I did a bit of path edging where the grass was growing over the edges. Hopefully this will make the path wider and safer in icy weather. ( That's the path through the garden) I want to do the other path ( from campsite to front door) some time too. It should be 18 inches wide and is down to about half that in places.Better get it done before the campsite re opens in April or I'll be having 'elf and safety after me!
So 2 loaves of bread and a batch of shortcakes made today, 7 dozen eggs collected, sorted ,cleaned and boxed, a few metres of path edged, a bit  of cross stitch done, half an hour of  fiddling about with Christmassy things, dinner sorted and another Monday is soon gone!

 While I was in the craft room I spotted a rainbow ending down the hill over the village so nipped out to take a picture from the other side of the road. This years  new growth of  hedge got in the way a bit and the rainbow had faded by the time I got out there, but with nothing else to take a picture of today I thought I might as well add it to the blog! You can just about see it if you squint!

Number 25 from the 30 Ways to Save £1 list is very apt for this time of year.
25. Never use 1st class post- Get Organised and post early with a second class stamp.
I shall start writing Christmas cards soon and get them ready for delivering if we go out or posting before mid month.

Need to finish a book before Fridays library van, so Back Tomorrow.


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