Friday, 22 November 2013

30 Ways to Save £1---Day 22 + Simple living

Number 22 in the 30 Ways to save £1 was    ( see them all here)
22. Read your local or National newspapers in the library or ask a friend or neighbour to save them for you.
What news will you miss by not having a daily newspaper?
How much money can you save by not buying a daily newspaper?
That's what you have to weigh up for this money saver.

I spent far TOO long fiddling with that seed list yesterday, trying to get it right, so that I began to wonder if I'm spending too much time blogging. Writing my blog, reading those I enjoy following, reading comments, answering comments, writing comments. 

The blog was supposed to be just a diary of our simple life here - out of the consumer rat race. Explaining how we survive without a regular income, without traveling far and generally living a plain and simple life. That shouldn't include half a day in front of the computer screen. If I wanted to do that I might as well be stuck in an office somewhere!

To remind me of the simple life I want to live I've been looking through a couple of my back to basics books, " Swimming with Piranha  makes you hungry" by Colin Turner and " The Plain Reader, Essays on Making a Simple Life" by Scott Savage. A quick dip into these and "The Hovel in the Hills" by Elizabeth West should sort me out.

Another cold day here, lots more rain overnight and on and off all morning with some sunny bits in between. The sun caught the colour of this Hedge Maple beautifully.

There has been more muck shifting today, this time to our fruit bushes. After producing that wonderful crop of gooseberries that gave us an income of several hundred pounds this summer, they need a jolly good feeding. The summer raspberries will also have a good mulch of well rotted horse muck too.

After advertising them in The Suffolk Smallholders Newsletter we sold a couple of cast iron pig troughs this morning, both had small cracks on the edge but still held water. A handy £40 income.
These were the last two of a huge job lot that Him Outside had picked up at a farm auction last year.

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