Friday, 15 November 2013

30 Ways to Save £1 -- Day 15 + More about apples

Is it just me? After seeing the trails and remembering the books that I read to our youngest many years ago, I want to watch Katie Morag on CBBC! Am I too old?

DAY 15 of the 30 ways to save £1 was
15.If you have an answerphone set it to the longest number of rings so that you can get there in time to answer and don't have to ring them back.
We have an answer phone so that people wanting to book onto the campsite can leave a message when we are out. We often find that people are very impatient nowadays, if they ring and leave a message  wanting a pitch, by the time we've got home and rung them back they will have found somewhere else! Another reason to stay at home as much as possible in the summer.
This winter we decided to put the answer phone away and just use our old normal one as the answer phone needs electric to run it. I reckon this should save us at least 50p!! :-)

I've done loads of catching up work indoors today, and as it was lovely sunny day another load of washing dried outside then floors washed, carpets hoovered, veggie curry prepared, freezer contents  listed. Halo polished! and  then also decided to bake a couple more loaves of bread as I want to turn some into breadcrumbs to store in the freezer ready for bread sauce or for drying.

Him Outside was away early again to work for the same customer as Wednesday, he was back with a cheque at lunchtime. After lunch he has been turning off and draining water from various places outside before next weeks snow that is forecast. Perhaps the Express were right when they said weeks ago that we were in for a long very cold winter starting in November.

From one kitchen window I've been keeping an eye on this apple tree. Here we are in mid November and lots are still hanging on despite that windy weather three weeks ago

It's in a sheltered spot between the conifer hedge and the Bramley and there have been some windfalls which I've picked up. They are extremely sharp so must be a variety that ripens in storage.
I've compared them to everyone of the 144 varieties described in this beautiful book
  (I originally bought this cheap from The Works - it has damaged pages at the front- to sell when we used to take books to Country Fairs and The Suffolk Smallholders Show, but then couldn't bear to part with it) but it doesn't really match any of the descriptions. It's a tree we planted and is about 15 years old, I've always thought it was a duel purpose tree but now I'm not so sure.
Like all of our other trees it has never ever had such a good crop.
I'm planning to pick all the rest off tomorrow and store them.

And a PS -Thank you to Gill and Karen for comments yesterday.

Back tomorrow.


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