Saturday, 16 November 2013

30 Ways to Save £1 ---Day 16 + Yet more apple news

Number 16 of the 30 Ways to Save £1 was
16. Poundland and 99p shops are sometimes very good value but not always, so know the prices of the things you buy- keep a little price book in your bag.
Supermarket prices seem to go up and down but mainly up - that's what I've found by keeping a price book! It is handy in Poundland because we don't go there very often and they seem to have different things in stock each time.So I'm able to have a quick look in the book to check £1 is less than I last paid somewhere else.

Apples from the mystery tree have been picked and I think Gill at Frugal In Derbyshire might be right. She suggested Jonagold and while I thought they were a duel purpose tree now I've had another look at the Jonagold page they do seem to almost fit the description. We should have picked them a few weeks ago before the birds started pecking them but as we are not short of apples this year it's not a problem. It seems odd that we've not really thought about what they were before but I think it's because the tree has never given us so many apples before.

 We have lots of Blackbirds back in the garden after not seeing many during the summer. I only found out a few years ago that our winter blackbirds arrive here from further north each year. This morning, when I walked round the corner of the house to take the eggs out to the stall, 6  flew off from the pyracantha. It's still covered in berries but they will soon be gone. At least they will have plenty of windfalls to peck at under the trees this winter. I hope we will see Fieldfares back soon too.

Before picking apples this morning I made a big batch of Pumpkin and Onion soup to put in the freezer. We had a couple of pumpkins that didn't ripen in time for selling prior to Halloween and we know from previous years that no - one wants a pumpkin in November.

Him Outside delivered two more of the big IBC containers. 3 sold and 3 left to sell. We put an ad in the Suffolk Smallholders Newsletter, but no phone calls from that ad, so he chained one to the fence by the front gate with a For Sale sign on and that seems to be working.
His cheque for work yesterday just about covered the National Insurance bill that came in the post this morning. Also in the post was the bill for the tractor repairs. A Rather Large bill that will have to come out of savings. Hopefully the tractor is now sorted for a while as the darn thing has cost us over £1000 this year. But we would be struggling here without it.

 And finally, this is a library book that I finished yesterday. It's fiction based on fact and tells the story of Mary Anning who was the woman who found all the fossils in Lyme Regis. I enjoyed it. It was published in 2009 so I expect I may be late with the info on the book and everyone has read it already.

 That's it for now, Rugby and Strictly to watch
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