Thursday, 7 November 2013

30 Ways to Save £1 --- Day 7 + This weeks shopping for 20p

When Mr Tesc*s shop moved into Saxmundham there was a lot of opposition. Especially from a local titled lady! Before they came our choices were a 50 mile round trip, Coop or Waitrose. Most ordinary people were quite pleased to have a bit of choice. People may moan about them taking over the country but at least we are now able to pick up the bargains that were never available here before.  Thanks to their through the post vouchers, money off coupons and a till slip for £3.06 because last time I shopped my shopping would have been that much less elsewhere. I did this weeks shopping for 20p!

I probably won't be back at Tescos until December so they don't make a lot of profit out of me.

The average household throws away the equivalent of 6 meals a week. I heard that on the 1 O'clock  news today. Who the h**l is chucking out my share as well as their own because there certainly isn't 6 meals chucked out here. It's £60 a month going in the bin they reckon. Who can afford that?

Yesterday on a blog from a few days ago I found a comment from the States, asking why we in the UK don't do  washing in cold water in our washing  machines. So the answer is ( as far as I know) that we can't, as washing machines here heat the water and don't have a cold water programme. AND we don't have soap powder or liquid for cold water washing.

And Finally from the list of 30 Ways to Save £1
 DAY 7---Christmas is the same day every year, don't let it creep up on you.Start shopping in the January Sales and carry on at car boot sales.
There is no point me saying anything more about this as I'm sure I would be preaching to the converted!


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